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Application Process

Step 1

xxxxxCreate your character on the MUSH.

Step 2

xxxxxFollow the instructions in Character Generation. Use the +submit command once you are ready to submit your character application to staff for review.

Step 3:

xxxxxStaff will review your character application. They may ask you to clarify or consider changes to part of your application. Please keep in mind that Wilder characters may be subject to more rigorous and scrutinizing review. It is recommended that your first character not be a Wilder - that said, you are welcome to apply for one.

Step 4:

xxxxxOnce everything is all set, they will approve your character application.

Sample Character Application

Age: 15
Apparent Age: Teens
Birthplace: Varl
Gender: Cisfemale
Pronouns: She/her/hers
Race: Wilder
Short Desc: Antlered, hooved, furred teenage girl.
xxxxxIren stands at about 5'5" with the peak of her antlers reaching another two to three inches above her head. Her face and body are covered in brown fur, dappled with lighter spots. The Wilder's ears are long and pointed and her eyes have rectangular pupils. Her cheekbones are high and the bridge of her nose is broad before it thins to end at leathery nostrils. She doesn't have feet - instead she has cloven hooves - and her hands each have four hoof-tipped digits.
xxxxxBorn in Varl, Iren was one of the first subjects brought to the Youth Augment Research Facility and was four years old at the time. The young girl's parent's were less than thrilled to be informed by the elves from YARF that their daughter would likely to grow up to be a Wilder and saw this possibility as a mark of shame. This certainly constituted one of the more pleasant and easy acquisitions by the research agency, especially in their beginning years, and they were definitely excited to have such a young subject to work with. In Lix, she lived a very structured childhood and was part of various trials and experiments even before she gained any magical ability. Her powers began manifesting at the age of six and the Elven researchers were not disappointed. The Wilder's ability to move herself and others through space at the blink of an eye quickly made Iren one of YARF's most prized and possessions and one of their most favorite toys. She was additionally considered one of the greatest successes, well conditioned to comply and obey to the team assigned to her. She was later roomed with another Wilder in the hopes that her behavior would serve as a model. After over ten years of being held captive and having performed many trials and participated in countless experiments, Iren was deemed too dangerous and too powerful to be allowed to use her powers unchecked. She was fitted with a strong containment collar that successfully suppressed her teleportation ability. It was during this time that she began to allow herself to become disillusioned with the world she had been taught to believe in. Her eventual escape from the facility was aided by her roommate, a sympathetic handler, and other subjects at the facility. A well-executed and thoroughly planned attempt at escape resulted in success, although a botched attempt weeks later to remove the containment wear from around her neck led her to become separated from her roommate. In Iren's bid to get as far away from Lix as she could, the teleporter ended up in Kochelan at the edge of death..
xxxxxCurious, analytical, excitable, and a bit spontaneous, Iren keeps a distance between herself and others. Although she is friendly and affable on the face of it, she has reason to hold others in suspicion, especially when she first meets them. The exception to this rule, perhaps, is Sasha who she has determined to be safe - or at least, safe enough compared to the rest of the world.
Magic Types
xxxxxNot applicable.
xxxxxThose familiar with the literature of science fiction and magical fantasy would likely call what Iren can do 'teleportation', although it is a feat that apparently only she has the capacity to accomplish in the real world. Iren has the innate ability to move herself and others from one location to another in an amount of time significantly reduced from what it would take to travel physically. Her levels of accuracy and control are much higher in smaller spaces and her finesse decreases the larger the area she has to work with. The power is not infinitely available and rapid or long trips have the very real potential to wear her out quickly. Despite years of training and research at YARF, Iren was not always privy to the conclusions of the experiments done on her. Currently, she is uncertain what makes one location an easier target to find than another. The Wilder's teleportation powers are limited by physical access. The reason she was never able to leave YARF, aside from believing it was the best place for her at the time, is that her powers do not allow her to move herself through walls or outside of enclosed spaces. This also has a reverse effect - her teleportation abilities are more powerful and easier to use when she is outside and less impeded by physical barriers. Generally, the access point is one through which she can actually fit. A crack in a wall or an slightly opened window in an otherwise sealed room will not do the trick for her. Iren's teleportation ability isn't exactly instantaneous, though it definitely beats other methods of transport in terms of time.
xxxxx Iren is a book nerd. Particularly, she enjoys history and is a bit of a history buff. She is good at creating a course of action quickly in situations of stress and duress and can be a fairly convincing liar when it suits her needs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx