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A loosely governed multi-national association comprised of magic experts, researchers, archaeologists, and enthusiasts who dedicate themselves to refining spells and creating new ones. Little is known about the organization and its members as the work is often kept secret and most involved are not public about it.


The peacekeeping and policing force of Kochelan. Knights are trained and equipped to deal with crimes and crises that may arise in the city. They function independently from the political sphere.


This school, located within and on the side of Mount Kochelan, boasts a premier league of educators versed in various subjects and arts. Progress accepts students of all ages, whether for curriculum-based learning or specialized classes in practicing the magical arts. Elementary to collegiate level courses are available and the campus is considered to seamlessly blend nature, art, technology, and function.

The Facility

The Facility, also known as the Youth Augment Research Facility or YARF for short, is an Elven-run establishment headquartered in Lix. According to its mission, the institution helps Wilders understand and train their powers and abilities and provides them with alternatives when self-control and restraint is not enough. The Facility ostensibly functions as a boarding school for young Wilders,


A Nerian-based group of researchers and scientists of all races interested in promoting the advancement of technology through discovery, experimentation, and innovation. Although a board sits at the head of the organization, most members are free to pursue their own projects and designs. There are some who have questioned the means behind the Vellati's impressive ability to acquire the rare goods and minerals they utilize members as well as the morality and ethics of some of the the Vellati's research programs. Recently, a good portion of development has been devoted to interfacing and merging magic and technology.

Vent Fighters Guild

The Vent Fighters Guild is comprised of those who participate regularly in Vent Fighting. There are rules and fees associated with being a part of the group and entry is mandated and only allowed after a fighter has been involved in the sport twenty fights. Of course, there are perks as well - free room and board in the Vents, catered meals, clothing, and a proper wage. The Vents are located within Mount Virkhallen.