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xxxxxJust as the laws of physics are an inextricable part of our universe, magic is a primary piece of Extant's reality. It is a part of existence, a part of nature, and a part of biology. Although not every individual decides to practice it, magic is manifest in every living creature on Extant. Where Orcs, Elves, and Magi can command aspects of the world through the use of magic, Humans are resistant to many of its effects - a type of magic in and of itself. Wilders find themselves with powers that, according to many, is due to a break or fracture in the essence of reality.

To master a single type of magic can take upwards of a decade and most of the populace choose to instead invest their time and effort into making a living. Indeed, many of those capable of magic only have a basic grasp on magical talent, perhaps able to adeptly perform some spectacle. Those who do dedicate their years to studying and training often consider having control over two variants of the arcane to be worth enough to earn good money.

Magic Types


xxxxxIn its most basic sense, Alteration magic allows the user to change certain properties of objects as well as their own body to an extent. On very common application involves altering the color of fabric. This magic may also be used to change the density and size of an object, keeping in mind the Law of Conservation of Mass. For example, someone who lived alone could have an all-purpose piece of furniture, changing the density and size from a small, hard table to a larger, soft couch. If not done properly and with focused attention, it can result in harmful effects up to and including the death of the user. This is especially true when changes are attempted on vital body parts and regions.


xxxxxThis type of magic is considered one of the most common as well as the most useful. The definition of Elemental magic is fairly straightforward as it grants the caster control over the basic elements - Ground, Fire, Air, and Water. This realm of magic is used in various capacities. In example, a plot of land may be terraformed to its intended use via a number of Elemental casters. Building with stone becomes quite simple and the preciseness of elemental control allows for less harm to come to the environment. While magic is not capable of creating new objects, it is possible to transmute one’s personal physical energy into that of fire or air movement. Ground and water, however, require their elements to be present in order to manipulate them.


xxxxxThis type of is a rarer form and one of the most sought after. Magic-users capable of performing this magic are a welcome addition to most medical institutes and are often more well-respected than others of their race. Healing magic may close wounds with little but a scar, thin and break down blood clots, fix broken bones, mend internal organ damage, and even help dampen allergic reactions. This type of magic is able to obtain some results more quickly than conventional medicine, but falls short in treating chronic and long-term illnesses.


xxxxxImprovement magic may be used in various capacities. The simplest application is used to increase their resistance to physical . This means improved protection against damage and some magic, the ability to enhance reflex speed, the capacity to increase strength, and the function of improving other magic that an Orc performs.


xxxxxThe magic of Media is the art of information communication. This type of magic allows a caster to project their thoughts, messages, or images elsewhere or into other's own minds. Some powerful Media-users are said to even be capable of reading others' thoughts, though practitioners have been quick to discredit any rumors of this. The application of Korian Crystals has given rise to 'Media' - imbued crystals that are capable of relaying stored information or instantaneous communication between a networked of liked Media. Practitioners of this art achieve communication by tapping into the essence of magic itself that connects all living things on Extant. Additionally, more difficult Media magic allows the caster to alter or create information relayed through stimuli - some argue that this ability to create "illusions" is a separate type of magic altogether.


xxxxxWith proper training, Physics is a type of magic similar to telekinesis in essence. Whether pulling an object into their hand from far away or placing an item onto a high shelf, this magic comes into use in many situations. The constant drain of Physics magic is minimal at best, but depends on the properties of the object being affected.


xxxxxSummoning is the art of using ones magic to manifest and object in the world with physical properties. This "creation" is made of magic and the consistency of the properties depend on the initial magic spent and magic drained continuously afterwards. It is the most difficult type of magic to learn and takes the typical magic-user upwards of three to four decades to master the basics. As such, it is more popular among Elves than the lesser-longevity races. The art of Glyphs allows the user to use symbols imbued with the most arcane sorts of power, capable of altering in the physical properties of the object they are used on.