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Welcome to World of Extant

xxxxxMore than one hundred years have passed since the Great War that saw the Alliance topple the Magi Sovereignty, the people of Extant are recovering from the brutality of the imperial regime and the loss it inflicted culturally and spiritually. The result of the Dawn Experiment in the Pelian mountains following the collapse of the Magi's empire was nothing short of disastrous and the true consequence of humanity's hubris has yet to be fully realized. In the relatively new city of Kochelan, formed by refugees over the centuries, residents attempt to flourish and thrive in this new cultural, political, and ethnic environment. Kochelan is unique in its constituency, home to members of all four main races - Humans, Elves, Magi, and Orcs - while also playing host to a small, albeit growing, population of Wilders. Located in the mostly uninhabited region of Ner and with the forgotten desert lands to the south, the city is surrounded by unexplored opportunity. Even as the collaborative efforts of the different races has left Extant poised on the cusp of technological breakthrough, racism haunts many interactions and relationships in a world filled with magic. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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This game is in its infancy. We greatly appreciate your understanding of this and, in fact, may encourage you to take advantage of it! If you have any ideas (e.g. an additional player race, a new magic type, any MUSH features or commands) which you might like to see, please feel free to reach out to staff. There are specific themes guiding the overall concept of the setting, so not everything will be incorporated. However, we are committed to making your roleplaying experience both enjoyable and fun while giving you the freedom to express yourself! Please let us know how we can help! <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Connection Information

Use your favorite telnet client to connect to our MUSH server:

xxxxxPort: 4201

Don't want to download a client? No problem! The MUD Connector offers an online client you can use to connect:


Website Layout

  • The layout of this website is heavily inspired by X-Men: rEvolution:
    • Scenes page
    • Logging process
    • Navigation toolbar
    • Overall concept of how pages flow together
    • Character pages - layout directly borrowed from X-Men: rEvolution