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All people who connect to the World of Extant MUSH are expected to follow these rules and will be held accountable to them. This includes staff, wizards, and admins. This includes new players and old players. If you ever feel uncomfortable calling someone out, please feel free to use the +report function on the MUSH (see +help +report in-game for more details).


1.) Be aware of intent and impact.

xxxxx When shared with other people, our words do not exist in vacuum.

If I say something that hurts [someone], it doesn’t much matter whether I intended the statement to mean something else – because [that person] is hurting.

I need to listen to how my language hurt [them]. I need to apologize.

And then I need to reflect and empathize to the best of my ability so I don’t do it again.

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2.) Recognize your own privilege and "-isms".

xxxxxBe mindful of where you come from and what advantages you have had over others in life.

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3.) No Hate Speech

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Healthy Roleplaying

4.) Consent = "Yes, until retracted."

xxxxx Roleplaying is an activity based on consent. You may not have to ask for consent for every action that your character performs. However, even if your character does not themselves ask for consent ICly, you as the player should ask the other player if it's okay if you are planning for your character to do something that the other player might find objectionable. At any point in time, the other player may retract their consent. If you violate this consent-based model, do not be surprised if another player chooses not to roleplay with you again. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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5.) No "Godmodding" or "Powerplaying"

xxxxxConsent in roleplay also exists in how actions are performed - your character can throw a punch at another, but you cannot dictate that that punch will land on them. They could dodge or deflect the blow. Who knows? You don't! They do.

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6.) IC Actions result in IC Consequences

xxxxxYour character cannot murder another character/NPC and then expect to get away with it. You can't loot a store and expect no one to investigate. As in real life, there are consequences for your actions.

7.) IC and OOC are Separate

xxxxxYour Out-of-Character relations with or opinions of other players should not directly affect how your character acts towards their character ICly, and vise versa. However, someone may choose to not roleplay with you and that is their choice.

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