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The realm of applied sciences and magics in the form of technology is full of opportunity and unknown potential. The collapse of the harsh rule of the Sovereignty and the coming-together the war facilitated has led to multiple cultures working together in order to advance this field. Innovation and research into the field of magical science is on the rise along with that into so-called 'hard tech' - those areas involving non-magical elements. Magitech, the blending of the two represents a sector that has been said to be inspiring many youth in the city.

Containment Wear

Containment wear exists to suppress the magical abilities of those capable of wielding them. The discovery of Korian crystals was absolutely essential to the creation of this type of technology and containment wear has been applied for many purposes. It was containment wear technology that allowed the Alliance to safely restrain the Magi Potentates and major Sovereignty actors following the war and bring them to justice. In more mundane times, this technology is sometimes used by Wilders who have difficulty controlling their powers, so that they can interact 'normally' with the world and not be ostracized from the community.


Developed by Humans, firearms were instrumental in the Alliance's war against the Magi Sovereignty. In today's society, they are heavily regulated to military use only, though some advocate that the technology be shared with everyone. These weapons rely on gunpowder.


There is controversy over whether gauntlets should be considered a type of technology. Gauntlets have existed across cultures for a millennium and the concept behind the device is simple one - a gemstone sits in the center of the palm, held to the wielder's hand by a glove of some sort. Many believe that the gemstone merely functions as a placebo effect, an object on which magic users can focus their thoughts when learning to control their powers. Over the last century, people have taken to using different gemstones to indicate their magic-proficiency.

Korian Imbuing

Orcish Steel

Orcish steel is resistant to the effects of magic with the drawback of being quite heavy. It's not exactly 'steel', but a metal with special properties that the Orcs figured out how to educe.


The same debate over the 'scientific' function of gauntlets has been applied to that of wands. More recently, however, wand-crafters have begun using Korian crystals in their designs, allowing for faster and more efficient casting.