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The power of a Glyphist comes from their ability to commune with magic in such a way that they are able to imbue certain symbols, each crafted with precision to best achieve their end, with different effects, some of which defy the laws of physics. The strength of these effects are often directly tied to the amount of magical energy the practitioner wishes to expend on their initial creation and their continuous maintenance. There are, however, some "hard" limits to the power of Glyphs regardless of one's magical prowess. Additionally, when calculating the power required to successfully apply a certain glyph, one must take into consideration the properties of their target object or person as well. The exact properties or abilities of any certain Glyph may be dependent on its design. There are various designs for certain Glyphs, some much more difficult and powerful than others, to achieve certain ends. Please be aware that not every design available on the Exnet has been verified; unexpected or unintended effects may result from using these.

Glyphs are capable of alterting the physical properties of objects whereas Wards are capable of generating fields affecting magic.

Conductivity / Insulation


Hardest and longest to prepare

Allows for sharing of physical properties between inanimate objects. (Note to Self: Ooo~! Look at Name of the Wind for inspiration, too! :O)

Hype / Slow



xxxxxThe Levitation Glyph does what its name implies; it is capable of buoying an object or person in the air. Essentially, this glyph creates a push effect. When empowered, this gylph glows with a light blue color.

xxxxxThe Gravity Glyph similarly does what its name implies; it is capable of pulling an object or person towards itself often at a stronger degree than the force of gravity on Extant. Essentially, this glyph creates a pull effect. When empowered, this gylph glows with a dark purple color.

Light / Dark

Pain / Numb


For inanimate objects.

Possibly people as well.

Scatter / Retain

xxxxxScatter Glyphs are used to destroy or 'explode' an inanimate object. These glyphs can also be used to cause an outward effect, in that they can repel other objects away from the targeted objects. Don't want a bit too much water getting on your new hardwood floors? No problem. When empowered, this glyph glows with a yellow-orange color.

xxxxxRetain Glyphs are used to keep an inanimate object intact when it is subject to conditions, including magical ones, that might otherwise cause its destruction or disassembly. These glyphs can also be used to create an adherence effect in which they can hold objects together. When empowered, this gylph glows with a light purple color.