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The Nudity Wizard
"And I'll be too important a celebrity to arrest."
Characters: Date: 2018-10-28
xxxxxSasha, Tesh
xxxxxOutside the City

Sasha's training is not always done in the confines of the arena gym, and today they are instead opting to work out in the forest. Climbing, leaping through the air and catching branches as they move through the forest. For the untrained eye, they'd seem no different from a wild animal, though perhaps a wild animal with more of a fashion sense than is normally seen in nature. The young Wilder flings from one of the branches and lands gracefully on the forest floor, before leaning against one of the trees to catch their breath.

"You're ridiculous!" A voice shouts from a few hundred feet away. "You better be waiting for me to catch up!" It's a few minutes before Tesh has picked her way over the exposed tree roots and underbrush to where Sasha has stopped. "I've told you - you're getting faster, it's hard for me to keep up now." The human is the same age as her friend with strawberry blonde hair. For clothes, Tesh wears a thick tunic over and long-sleeved undershirt with a pair of trousers, and on her face she wears a big grin. "I love getting away from the city."

Sasha laughs, "You gotta get faster, too, you know! Keep up with me." They lean back on the tree they stopped at. "I have to work hard to be able to keep up with those people in the ring. They're, like, crazy..." They look up to the sky a moment and nods, "Yeah, things smell a lot better out here. Smells like... I dunno, nature and good stuff, instead of like... unwashed masses."

"Hey!" Tesh rebukes, laughing. "Not /all/ of us are unwashed. And some of us /do/ work up a sweat, you know. I can't believe you're a Vent Fighter. It seems like just yesterday you were ... you know, and were still kids playing together. I'm not surprised you're whooping ass in the ring. I've been trying to see all of your fights."

"Yeah, it doesn't seem like real long ago, does it?" says Sasha, shaking their head slowly. "I've always been tough, though, so it seems like a good fit? Even though I feel kinda outclassed by all these people who can do..." They wiggle their clawed fingers, "Maaaaagic. But I figured if I just worked hard enough I might be able to make it after all. What was the last fight you caught?"

“It's not magic that makes someone tough,” Tesh replies as she starts stretching. “It's how they use the skills they've been given. A lot of those fighters are in the business of overpowering their opponent's with force. You -- you're like an artist compared to them. You /still/ have to teach me some of your moves.” One foot spaced in front of the other, she reaches her arms above her. “I saw you take on Gracelyn the other night. /That/ was a good show.”

"That was a good one," agrees Sasha, flipping up onto their hands to do a handstand. "I can show you all kinds of moves, but lots of my moves just take a lot of body control. That's something that only comes with a lot of practice!" They kick their feet up a couple of times. "Did you watch that fight I had with Skia? The night I got my own room?"

“You already /had/ your own room, Sasha,” Tesh laughs with roll of her eyes. “With your parents’. But, yeah, I saw you wipe the ring with that asshole. I still think she’s pretty tough, but you took her out easily.” The human grins as she continues stretching her muscles. “I told you that you’d get your room. Not surprised at all. Maybe a little jealous, but not surprised. So, come on! Teach me how to kick ass!”

"I meant in the vents," says Sasha. They lift one hand and flex their fingers a moment in front of their own face, doing a one handed handstand while making the gesture. "I didn't take her out easily. One step, one slip, one moment of inattention and she woulda taken me down." The teen flips back up to their feet still looking at their clawed hand. "You think I have an unfair advantage out there? 'cause of... what I am? Being a freak and all?"

Tesh rolls her eyes at Sasha’s stand-offish moves and lets out a surprised scoff at their question. “Are you kidding? /They're/ the ones with the unfair advantage. Magic makes things easier, you're the one doing the really hard work. You use your body - that's a different type of strength that most of them don't have because they fight with a different set of tools. Aaaaaannnnd,” the human draws out as she walks around pulling on tree limbs above her. “Heaster and Fre'gik both use Improvement magic, so quit your self-pitying.” This is said as Tesh finds a suitable branch and starts doing pull-ups.

"Yeah... you're right. And really, they'd probably be way better if they actually trained their bodies like I do mine," says Sasha. "Sorry, it was just something Skia said to me after..." They shake their head, "Like she had to work and I don't. Plus, I actually do have to read about magic, so it's not like I don't study! How else am I going to know what they are doing?" They drop low into a fighting stance and start to throw out some strong punches and kicks into the air.

“/What?/” Tesh’s emphatic response is uttered in disbelief as she releases the tree branch and lands on the ground. “I thought you /liked/ Skia. Everything you tell me about her makes her sound like a piece of shit. I have to study magic for my exams, too. It’s rough.” The human watches Sasha spar with the air for a bit before imitating their moves.

"I think Skia's a great fighter! Not so sure she's a good person," says Sasha, their shoulders raising a bit indifferently before they throw another rapid air combo. "She'd make a good rival, though, you know? Both because I think that could raise my profile a lot, and because I want her to see that I'm not there by fluke."

"Ugh. I'm sorry. That /sucks/. I know you were really looking forward to meeting her." Still following Sasha's strikes, Tesh then asks, "Want me to beat her up for you?" There's a sly grin on her face as she has used the rhetorical question in the past to gauge her friend's feelings. "I don't think I could take her like you did - she'd probably wipe my ass. But it would be good practice for me before my Knights’ entrance exams."

"Nah, I'm gonna beat herself up myself. Over and over, if I can. Every time she thinks she's got me figured out, I want to surprise her all over again," says Sasha, seeming pretty genuine with that sentiment. "When's the entrance exam? I dunno how much vent fighter strats would help you with the physical portion of that, but if there's a 'beating someone up' test, I'll help you train it out."

"Ooo, I’d like that,” Tesh replies with a grin as she throwing a number of kicks. “I need all the help and training I can get. The exams are in a few weeks; a little over a month. And they’re /hard/. Not only do we have to know basically /all/ the possible effects magic can have on, but we also need to know how to deal with them. Using enough force to incapacitate or subdue, but not too much to cause too much harm. At least us humans -- well, wilder, same thing -- can take more of a magical beating than the others.” The teenager relaxes and starts stretching again. “I figure any workout will give me a better sense of how much power I need to pack in my punches. They say they’re working on tech to make the job easier. I hope it’s not guns.”

"I don't think the Knights would even want someone like me, I don't really put anyone at ease. Which is fine, 'cause I like just beating people up in the ring without having to worry about, like... protecting anyone or anything," says Sasha, maybe not sounding too crazy about it. They also start throwing some kicks, to demonstrate how they deliver oomph behind such strikes. "What's the problem with guns? You worried they'll make the job too easy?"

"They only accept wilders on a case-by-case basis. They say it's for the protection and comfort of citizens which is a fancy way of saying they're racist. I know I can't make much of a difference to the system as one person, but maybe I can help a neighborhood or something." Tesh eyes her friend. "If that's what you want to do, don't feel guilty about it, Sasha. I'll protect /all/ the things that need protecting, leave it to me," the human comments with a laugh. "And guns are scary. Sure, they'd make the job easier and I know they're working on different kinds of firearms, but they were originally designed to kill people, you know?"

"Yeah, I know they were designed to kill people. Just point and murder. That's like, crazier than magic even," says Sasha with a headshake. "And yeah, I think that most people are kinda racist? I like out here in the woods, though, 'cause the trees don't make me feel self-conscious. But maybe I'll be a cool hero figure to someone like me! They'll say, 'holy shit, that Sasha, quite a fighter! I can be tough like them!'"

"I think they're already saying that about you. You really are /quite/ a fighter. Kicking butt and taking names. Although ..." Tesh trails off as she takes on a mock thinking pose. "Maybe you wear your cape /into/ the ring?" she teases before leaning against a tree and crossing her arms. "Guns are awful. I know that they helped us bring down the Sovereignty, but that was well over a hundred years ago. So why haven't we gotten rid of them? How does having and using the power to kill someone make us any better than the Magi back then? I don't know. Maybe they'll make a non-lethal one."

"Capes are real cool, but I don't trust my opponents to go easy on that kind of a flourish. A bit of wind power blowing that over my eyes, it's all over! Gotta stick to skintight when actually fighting," says Sasha, making an expression of mock panic at such a thing happening. "Though maybe if I made a cape that'd detach with even the smallest amount of resistance? Anyways, I dunno, seems like once something like guns are made, hard to take that kind of knowledge out of the world, you know?"

"Yeah... Killing just shouldn't be that easy, especially now that the Sovereignty is gone. Aaaaand you should make your suit the same color as your fur. That'll throw them for a loop! Aha! Thought this was fur?!" Tesh plucks at the front of her tunic. "Think again! And then you punch them." She illustrates this by throwing a left hook punch at the air. "Pow. They’ll be completely caught off guard,” the human laughs. “But, for real, I don’t want a gun in my hands. I’d just rather punch their lights out like you do in the ring.”

"Punching lights out is pretty much the best, so I can understand why you'd prefer it," says Sasha with a bit of a nod. "If I made an outfit that was the same colour as my fur, I think people would think I am fighting naked. Then they'd get uncomfortable and just forfeit, and that's no fun. I don't want to be known as the nudity wizard."

“‘Nudity Wizard’, ‘Rogue Commando’, ‘Furry Streaker’ … so many good names,” Tesh lists with a grin. "I get it though. Wearing no clothes is depersonifying and you don't want to be seen as some sort of animal. I was only joking."

"Oh, yeah, that's definitely a factor. I like wearing clothes and like... doing people shit! So people see me as a person," says Sasha. "'course, I'm not a prude or anything either. There's just a time and a place, you know! My majestic nude form will be reserved for the bedroom."

"Geez, Sasha! I don't /want/ to know what you're doing in your bedroom! That's between you, the bed, and whoever else is in there! Leave me out of it!" Tesh responds; her laugh belying her amusement. "/Now/ I know why you wanted your own room!"

"Now I have adoring fans, plus, I am not living with my parents!" says Sasha, pausing in their training to nod sagely. "I'll leave you out of it, but I'll have you know that what I've done in that room so far is scandalous." They whisper conspiratorially, "So fucking many naps, you wouldn't believe it. There is no surface gone unslept."

"Pff. /You/ are a scandal. Youngest Wilder to be part of the Vent Fighters Guild. You should hear some people, Sasha. They think it’s the end of the world. ‘How could this happen?’” Tesh asks in a mockingly dramatic tone. “‘This city’s gone completely to ruin!’” she responds in an authoritative voice. “‘We can’t keep having our standards lowered like this! Our children might grow up thinking it’s /okay/ to be different!’ ‘We certainly cannot have this!’”

Sasha laughs, "Yeah, well, now all their kids are gonna be a bunch of weirdos, I'm spreading degeneracy wherever I go!" They wiggle their fingers menacingly. "I can't wait to just fucking ruin society by being so enviable. You can put that one on the record, and take that record to the bank."

"Yeah," Tesh laughs back. "Maybe you should take it easy. I'm not sure the city /is/ ready for you yet, let alone society at large. Some people still think you're winning matches are flukes or that you're cheating. It's really frustrating. I just don't get why they can't accept the truth that you're a fucking ass-kicker."

"People think I'm cheating? Like how? Anyone who sees my fights has gotta be seeing that I'm putting so much energy into every move," says Sasha. They bounce back and forth a couple of times from foot to foot. "And if they think I'm winning by chance, well, they gotta keep following my career. I'm a real scrapper, and I know how to fight fuckin' wizards."

"Most people /didn't/ follow your career because they're /racist/," the human remarks with a hard eye-roll. "They don't really as much /think/ you're cheating as /hoping/ you are so that they don't have to consider the possibility that someone like you can not just do as /well/ as everyone else, but do /better/ than them. And I've tussled with you enough times to know that you're a scrapper. I don't know where you picked up the wizard-fighting bit, though!"

"I just saw some wizards and I knew..." Sasha thumps their chest and looks upwards in a dramatic kind of way, stepping up a bit onto a nearby fallen log. "Someday I would be the one to beat them up." They hop up to balance on the log without seeming to give it too much thought. "But yeah, I mean, you know I know that lots of people are super racist. Especially against hip young Wilders. Honestly, sometimes it's unbelievable, like look at my amazing clothes! Why would I be shoplifting in the loser shops people follow me around in?"

Tesh scoffs at Sasha's statement, sounding offended. "I'm /sorrrrry/ that I happen to foolllooow you into shops, Sasha," she says in a tone of mock-disbelief. "I just happen to /like/ the clothes in those so-called "loooooser" shops." She lets her words hang in the air before continuing. "But I don't know. They probably can't believe /you'd/ want to buy /their/ clothes!" Tesh eyes the log, walking over to tap at an end with the side of her foot. "I think people are scared. I just hope they're not too scared that they start hurting other folks. I don’t think we’re there yet, though.”

"Hey, if you're into loser shops, all the power to you! I just don't like when people act like I'm gonna just be stuffing all their junk into my pockets. It just makes me... want to stuff all their junk into my pockets! Really show 'em!" says Sasha, raising their hands up above their head in a way that is clearly meant to be scary. "Yeah, I mean, if they start hurting people I'll be sure to protect you. You know, 'cause obviously they aren't gonna hurt this face." They hop to turn back towards Tesh, and frame their face in their fingers before trying to purposefully look cute like a begging feline.

"Hah! No way, friend! I'll protect myself." Tesh retorts as she rolls her eyes at Sasha's expression before flexing her arms. "I'm going to keep the peace and stop troublemakers like you from making trouble, you trouble-making troublemaker!" Striking a pose, she points dramatically at her friend with one hand on her hips. "Drop those loser clothes, you fluff, or prepare to be taken into custody!" She then pivots and points at a tree. "You! Stop looking at this upstanding loser-clothes-stealing citizen like they're going to steal your loser clothes!" Then the human turns to face another tree with her arms akimbo. "Do not fear, little child. I will stop ALL the bad things from happening!"

"Tch," says Sasha, miming dropping all this loser clothes. "Whatever, I didn't want this trash anyways, Knight. Knight Tesh, more like Knight-ish." They throw up their arms in a gesture that looks like they think they have delivered the most devastating friendly ribbing. "I guess you'll be full-fledged soon enough though. Don't think that you're the boss of me just 'cause you're the law, though."

Tesh's face is overcome by a wide grin and she hunches forwards, towards Sasha. "Hahaha. AHAHAHAHA," she laughs most maniacally. "Once I am in power, I will rise to the top and be the boss of everyone and everything!" Throwing her head back, she issues further laughter. "Ahahahahahaha! Ahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" When she's done, the human drops the act. "They don't let you do foot patrol in the beginning anyways. You get stuck doing paperwork and stuff for the more senior Knights. It sounds boring as all heck," she remarks with a pout.

"My name is gonna be all over that paperwork. You'll get so many reports about me that you'll be totally jealous of all the legends and the criminality around my name," says Sasha proudly. "You'll be like, 'I wonder what it's like doing interesting shit' and then you'll read a report, and be like. Oh fuck, now I know. The Nudity Wizard strikes again, everyone's clothes... stolen." They put on a smug expression and rub their claws together, "And I'll be too important a celebrity to arrest."

The human girl raises her arm and clenches her fist. "I will become overwhelmed with jealousy that I will become ... " Hunching again, Tesh draws her fist to her chest and growls, "... corrupted. I will be forced to join you as your sidekick ... The Bare Knight! The populace will TREMBLE under our indomitable might and quake when we appear, tossing clothes from side to side with a single care!”

"We'll workshop it. If you're gonna be my sidekick, we gotta workshop it, just so I can say I had creative input," says Sasha with a slight nod. "But you should probably stick to the law, you know it better than the thrill of crime. I hope that you just arrest all the actually nasty people and not like... I dunno, kids stealing for food or whatever. Be a good Knight! Don't let them change you!"

"They bring ruin to our economy and our -- Nah, thief kids don't count, like Torza. Torza is cool as socks. They probably won't pay me enough to feel all the thief kids, though. Yeah, I /guuuessss/ I'll stick to the law. It's not like I've been /stuuddddyyying/ it for /months/ or anything. Pfff! Anyways, yeah, I’ll be a good Knight. Maybe even the best Knight. They can’t change me for socks.”

"Good! So long as you don't change, I won't make fun of you behind your back all anti-authoritarian style," says Sasha, striking their fist into their open palm. "Because nothing is more badass than making fun of the authorities quietly where they can't hear you." They nod matter of factly. "Also, Torza is a good for nothing greaseball. You tell Torza I said that!"

"Yeah, well, Torza says your nine lives are up. They've been freaking out over your fights -- can't believe you're not getting your tail handed to you. They talk tough, but I think they're just worried. They've been trying to tell me not to join the Knights 'cause they think it will change me too. It won't change me!” Tesh pouts again at Sasha. “You /can’t/ make fun of me! Then all our friends will be too. You’re always setting the trends with them!”

"Torza can say what they want, 'cause if they want to contest how awesome I am, they can challenge me to a fight!" says Sasha, making a couple of quick clawswipes in the air. They nod, "I guess that's the burden of being a trendsetter, though. You can dash someone's reputation real easily. I'll only use my powers... for good! And also personal gain."

Tesh rolls her eyes at the Wilder again, clearly amused. "Maybe someday they'll open up a national league and there'll be a huuuuuuge pot of money just waiting for you to beat everyone up. Until then, though, you’re stuck with what you’ve got. And you better not forget where you come from! Don’t forget about us little people when you’re all big and famous."

“Just don't get so little that I can't see you! I bet I am bigger than you already,” says Sasha, their hand resting flat on the top of their head before sweeping it out towards Tesh to compare their heights. “But don't worry about me. I won't let fame and fortune change me any more than the law will change you. I know that I had help from my friends, don't think I'll forget that.”

Tesh helpfully stands up straight when Sasha compares their heights. "You're only taller than me by less than inch. And, yeah! Friends help. Someday, I'll be a big deal and you'll just name-drop me and all your problems will be solved."

"Well, for now..." Sasha crouches down into a fighting position, to get back into the training demonstration, "Let's get you into fighting shape so that I can namedrop you in the future for favours."