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Vent Fight - Slip Up
Characters: Date: 2019-01-21
xxxxxSasha, Skia
xxxxxThe Vents

It's mid-evening on this Saturday and the crowd amassed in the Vents is growing restless. Tonight has already seen a number of matches - some one-on-one, others team-based, and others yet singles versus teams. Despite all this, the masses seem unsatisfied, angsty, and disgruntled. Perhaps the fights were too short or maybe they did not feature their favorite contenders.

“And we’re back after that brief intermission!” but exclaims the excitable female-sounding announcer. “Who’s up next? Oh look! It’s …. Sasha and Skia! Aaaaah! I’m so excited! I can’t wait!”

“Sasha has slowly been clawing their way through the ranks after their debut the other month. It comes to show that hard work and perseverance can pay off for a Wilder,” the more masculine-voiced commentator states.

Upon being announced, Sasha enters the ring, throwing off the cape they were wearing just outside of the combat area. The youth is wearing an outfit with stylistic flairs of their own design, mostly skintight and darkly coloured with some embroidering on it. The teen raises their hand at the crowd in order to greet any potential fans that are out there.

Being the up-and-coming Vent Fighter that they are, Sasha receives more than their fair share of jeers, cheers, taunts, and furor. The tension of the crowd-goers is palpable in the air and in their shouts.

"Fashionable and dramatic as always! They're also top-notch cute! Wait! Not cute, awesome! No, not awesome! Fierce! Top-notch ferociousnessityness! Sasha the Ferociously Fierce!"

"Don't forget about Sasha's opponent tonight, the indomitable magi. The two seem to have a sort of rivalry going and neither looks ready to give in easily."

Skia wears an outfit of leather that is similarly skintight and seems to be especially pliable. Her feet are bare save for a few straps of leather that wrap around and she wears similar strips around her hands. The short magi additionally sports a leather mask that works to protect her eyes and nose. Her wand of choice for the event appears to be made of wood with silver inlays.

Once both contenders are vetted by the respective referees, they are allowed entry onto the main ring.

Sasha takes quick stock of Skia's equipment as they enter into the main ring, eyes momentarily trying to make out what kind of wand she is carrying. Their gaze turns back to Skia's masked face and their tail lashes once. The youth gives a polite salute to their adversary as they stand on the mark for their starting.

In response to Sasha's salute, Skia rolls her eyes in an exaggerated fashion. Those spectators close enough to catch this show of dismissiveness hoot and bellow in agreement with the magi's apparent apathetic assessment of her Wilder opponent. The magi herself lowers her body into a stance as the announcers proceed with a starting countdown. As soon as the ready is given, Skia rushes towards Sasha at the other side of the arena.

Sasha doesn't so much react to the eyeroll, but they sink low into their stance when the countdown begins. When Skia rushes forward, Sasha does much the same, their claws at the ready to take a swipe at Skia if they can close into melee distance. Still, they are cautious in their approach, careful to watch for the movements of the Magi's wand.

As Skia nears her opponent, she flicks her wand. The felinoid Sasha would feel a strong tug at their tail, pulling it to the side. Whether this is meant as a distraction or intended for tactical purposes is unclear and perhaps unimportant as, before the magi is poised to tackle Sasha, she leaps to the side. Another flick of her wrist sends a slicing jab to Sasha's toros.

Sasha's tail thrashes at the invisible tugging, and they slow up in their approach. The youth is effectively distracted by the maneuver, and they are not able to turn their body quickly enough to dodge the slicing jab from Skia completely. They are not swayed from their resolve to catch up to Skia, though, and through the sudden sharp pain they leap towards Skia to try and rake her with their claws.

Skia doesn't have enough time to recover from her feint, but she manages to catch Sasha's attack with her hands. One set of the claws sink into one of the magi's palms while she avoids the other one. The leather straps on her hand prevent the claws from slicing and Skia hastily points her wand at the material, directing the leather to quickly work towards and thicken around Sasha's claws. The magi then jerks downwards with the claws caught in her hand and the leather.

Sasha, feeling the leather creeping around their claws, pivots their foot and turns to try and throw Skia off balance, using their opposite hand to help with the attempted maneuver. The Wilder does not seem to be making an attempt at shaking off the leather for now, only on using it as a point of connection with Skia.

Skia's light weight and short stature do not make it too difficult for Sasha to pull off their maneuver. The magi finds herself with one hand caught and now facing her opponent's back. Swiftly, Skia reaches around Sasha's front and points her wand at her other hand, freeing the claws from the leather on her palm.

Feeling the unnatural shift of the leather on their wrist, Sasha does not try and follow through on the maneuver and instead rears their head back to try and slam Skia in the face with their skull, and follow on their turn to resume a fighting position.

Sasha's head smacks into Skia's face and the leather mask the magi wears does little to mitigate the effects of such a move. With a grunt of pain, she stumbles back two steps and, while still regaining her footing, points her wand at Sasha. The felinoid fighter would feel a forceful shove pushing them away from the magic user.

Sasha is pushed back a ways, as they had not fully braced themselves after their failed hip throw, but they manage to stay on their feet. Their teeth bared in frustration, Sasha starts to dash again towards Skia, this time weaving unpredictably as they move in order to prevent the Magi from aiming properly. The youth swings their fist at Skia's face.

“It looks like Skia has changed her training regimine to account for the force of Sasha’s unrelenting onslaught,” comments the male announcer. “Certainly, at least, we are seeing an improvement in her defensive tactics.”

“Pfffft!” the feminine commentator says in dismissive rejection of her co-worker’s analysis. “She’s just learned that Sasha isn’t to be underestimated!”

The magi has a moment to watch Sasha's oncoming form before she ducks to the side in a bid to avoid the incoming punch. Instead of taking it in the face, Sasha's fist connects with Skia's shoulder. This, however, doesn't stop the magi from throwing a punch of her own with her right fist curled tight at the wilder's armpit.

Sasha winces at the armpit punch, and they snap their jaw in front of the Magi's face in an attempt to distract her from their retaliation. The youth raises their knee to try and slam it into Skia's midsection, putting a fair bit of oomph in it and either way they stumble back a few paces of distance to recover from the strike to the nerve cluster in their armpit.

"Oof! It looked like that hurt! And there goes Sasha the Fierce, giving it their all in response!"

Skia raises her already-injured hand to try and block the Wilder's claws with her wrist. Thus her focus is distracted when Sasha's knee connects with her stomach. Winded, Skia doubles over while raising her wand to the mask on her face. It's unclear exactly what she does to the leather.

“What is Skia doing?” “I have absolutely no idea! That’s what makes it exciting!”

"Fuck," says Sasha under their breath, and fortunately for any impressionable youths in the audience, their lips are incredibly difficult to read. They drop back into a ready fighting stance as the pain is pushed back by the adrenaline moving through their veins. They watch what Skia is doing with the leather of the mask to try and anticipate what comes next.

As soon as she recovers her breath, Skia is rushing towards her opponent once again. When she nears Sasha, the magi launches herself head-first at the other fighter. Should contact be made, the Wilder would discover that the mask their foe wears is now hard as steel, the mold around the nose acting as a spike.

Sasha attempts to dodge out of the way of Skia's bull rush, and while they do retaliate, their fist finds the hardened mask and they wince at the recoil of their own strike not landing on what they expected to be a normal leathery face! The youth grips their hand and hops back.

"Oooh! Looks like that hurt!"

It takes Skia a moment to orient herself towards her opponent and she faces Sasha with a smirk on her face. Pointing her wand towards Sasha, the Wilder would feel a concentrated force pushing them towards the edge of the ring.

“It looks like Sasha hit something a bit too hard, folks. That’s Alteration magic for you.”

Sasha, already off balance from their hand having struck the hardened leather, is pushed back a fair ways by the force. They drop into a quick roll to the side to try and get out of the focus of the push, and if successful, they start to rush again towards Skia. They are a bit slower than before, however, without the option of dropping to all fours with their injured hand.

Sasha’s dodging roll works to get them out of the line of Physics fire and Skia does her best to reorient her aim towards the moving Wilder. Her opponent’s reduced speed allows the magi to continue her attack, but she seems to re-consider as Sasha approaches. Quickly, she swipes her wand to the side. The felinoid fighter would feel a force pushing them in that direction.

Sasha is bowled to the side, and they swing their tail in order to try and regain balance in order to combat the approaching wall of force. The youth bares their teeth and does their best to continue to approach, but Skia is making steady progress at pushing the distance between them further.

“What! Come on, Sasha! Come on!” “We’re not allowed to play favorites.” “But they aaaaaarrrrrrreeeee my favorite!”

If Sasha cannot see it, they would at least smell the sweat beading on Skia’s skin beneath her outfit as her body works to cool itself as she continues her spellcasting. With a smirk, the magi shoves her wand forwards, letting a stronger and sharper, albeit briefer, force headed in Sasha’s direction. Once she does this, the Vent Fighter hurries to close the distance between her and her opponent.

Sasha is pushed near to the edge with the last blast, and they drop lower in their stance when Skia starts to close the distance between them in an attempt to move their center of gravity below hers. The teen growls and swings their fist towards her midsection if they can get close enough.

The punch Sasha throws connects with Skia's leg just below her thigh and causes the magi to stagger. Gritting her teeth and grunting loudly, Skia lifts her uninjured leg and slams it down, trying to stomp on Sasha's foot.

Sasha shifts their foot slightly back at the stomp, only able to maneuver out of the way of it due to the unusual size of their feet and how little of said feet stay in contact with the floor. They attempt to wrap their arms around Skia to take hold of her, keeping their braced position.

As the Wilder grabs for her, Skia turns her body to the side and flicks her wand upwards. When Sasha wraps their arms around the magi, they would find that the outfit their prey is wearing is slippery.

Thinking fast, Sasha just slips off Skia and seem to just fall forward. This is an act, though, and they plant their hands on the ground in as strong a stance as most people's feet would be, and throw a kick towards Skia's back.

The Wilder's kick connects with Skia's thigh. She takes the full force of it, nearly falling over. In rapid response, the magi points her wand at the floor below Sasha - turning it, too, slippery. She follows this with an upwards magical push against Sasha’s torso and then, next, grabbing ahold of the felinoid’s tail and tugging sharply.

Sasha slips as the floor becomes slick, but they dig their claws down to pierce through the relative softness of the slick to take hold so they don't hit their face. The tug of their tail, though, breaks them out of their already tenuous purchase on the ground, and they slide towards the edge of the ring, scrambling to find another hold.

“Ow! Come on, Sasha!” “We do not endorse or favor any Venters as a matter of purpose. Is this fight over? Or will Sasha take control?”

It's not an empty question and Skia’s breathing sounds a bit winded as she continues her rapid, multi-approach assault on her Wilder opponent. After hastily extending the temporary friction-reduction spell in Sasha's direction, the magi first tosses her hardened mask in the air and propels it (face-side first) with a thrust of her wand towards the other Figher's side. She then follows this up by leaping to land butt-first on the slipperiness and tucks her knees to her chest. When she nears Sasha, Skia launches a kick at them before using her Physics magic to halt herself from tumbling over the edge.

Sasha swings their arm to swipe the incoming mask away, making sure to avoid the parts that are painful. They reach out to dig their claws into Skia's leg when she delivers the kick over the slippery area, not only to bring the hurt on the other fighter, but in order to make a desperate attempt to stay on the stage using Skia's own Physics stop.

The two Vent Fighters are fairly close to the edge of the ring before it drops off a few feet to the moat of water. Skia makes a noise as the Wilder's claws bear into her leg and she stomps on Sasha’s wrist with her opposite foot.

Sasha's tail is curling up away from the water and the young Wilder swings their other claws at the kicking leg, but the stomp lands true and knocks Sasha away from her. They are slid off of the stage, into the moat.

“They’re down, they’re out, Skia is the winner!”