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Vent Fight - Unyielding Pressure Hurricane
Characters: Date: 2019-07-13
xxxxxSasha, Skia
xxxxx<Kochelan> - Mount Virkhallen - The Vents

Home to the Vent Fighting arena, this cavern has the size of a small stadium and tiered rows are carved out of its dark orange stone. The arena platform itself is indented into the floor, providing decent views for any and all spectators. A moat of water surrounds the circular ring, a definitive out-of-bounds area. It's quite hot in the Vents, as one would expect thanks to the heating system located below the area. The past decades have seen the vent fighting stadium retrofitted with Korian crystals laced with various magical effects in order to better protect the viewers and decrease the risk of actual death occurring during events.

There's a murmur in the crowd on this Saturday evening as folks are a bit restless following the first few fights after the second intermission.

"It feels like it's been a loooooong night so far!" the chipper-voiced Ashta announces.

"Don't fall asleep, yet. You'll like this next one and so will the crowd," advises the soothing, calm tone of the co-commentater.

"What! Who is it!? Is it -- is it..." a momentary pause hangs in the air, though the stands remain preoccupied. "What! It's SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASHA! Sasha the Fierce! Sasha-with-the-CRUUUUSHING-ATMO/SPHERIC/-THUUUUUNNNNDDDDDDAAAAAAH! Sasha the Furred Fury! Sasha the Felinoid Fanatic! Sasha the Clawed Don't-call-them-a-cat-Conquerer! That's right, everybody, Sasha is coming up next!"

"And who else?" the other announcer seems to tease his compatriot.

"What! It's Skia! No way! Another showdown between the S-Club! They're in a club because both their names start with 'S'! Okay! I made up the club, but they are /in/ it!"

Sasha arrives on the stage, their wand inspected (though the refs did not exactly seem to understand why they were even bothering to do so, except to check it is not some kind of concealed weapon). The wand, however, is concealed in their sleeve, both of which have a shimmery appearance as if they are actually loosely connected bands of fabric. Since that is exactly what they are. They also go with the particularly bright ensemble that they put together for the event, which has a number of frills on it that would seem purely decorative to emphasize the appearance of their movements for the audience, while still not actually giving away their movements in advance. They make a couple of slashes in the air with their claws for the benefit of the audience, posing and posturing as any good fighter should.

The Wilder manages to get a rise out of the attendees with their gesticulating. Skia, meanwhile, is garbed in a minimalist attire. In fact, it's an outfit similar to one she's worn before for a fight with Sasha - essentially leather bands wrapped around her body with skin bare skin between them. In contrast to one of the fighters' previous skirmishes, this time the Magi Venter does not don a mask. Her wand for this encounter appears to be metallic - perhaps silver. A loop comes out of the wand's stem, fitting neatly around Skia's index finger. The crowd appears to enjoy Skia's smug, self-confident approach onto the arena main.

"Sasha is soooooo going to beat her! Skia doesn't stand a chance!"

"Skia managed to best Sasha in their last match.

"Well, Sasha only /let/ her win!"

Sasha becomes more focused after their posing and posturing concludes, predatory eyes focusing on Skia with anticipation for the match to come. They crouch down in a position that indicates they are ready to run the moment that the match begins, one hand perched on the ground and their legs bent and ready to spring into action.

Skia takes on a bladed stance, one foot in front of the other, before the match begins. She doesn't seem to be ready to move, however.

"And the match starts in ... three ... two ..."


Even as the round starts, Skia does not move from her position. It appears she would instead prefer to wait for Sasha to come closer this time.

At the moment that the round starts, Sasha is off. Their movements are in an unpredictable zigzag pattern as they approach Skia, only sacrificing a bit of speed to use their outfit's motion and shine to confound the motions a bit. Their claws are extended as they take a swipe towards Skia.

As Sasha moves their arm to strike at her, Skia steps to the side and takes her opponent's claws on her arm. Some scrape the leather straps, others dig into her flesh, but don't go as deep as one might expect. With her other hand, the magi attempts to grab onto the forearm of Sasha's attack and pull them down. "Come on!" Skia growls at her opponent. "Is that the best you can do? You think you can beat me twice?"

Sasha's eyes shine with confidence as a response to Skia's attempted banter, and they lift their knee to strike her in the chest while leaning into her pull. While they are unusually strong, their legs are particularly so, and the force of this maneuver is evident to even the audience. Their other hand remains open slightly behind them, and their movements are relaxed.

Skia takes the blow hard - although it seems to stop short of knocking the wind out of her. Still, with the amount of force in Sasha's kick, it's impressive that the magi manages to use her opponent's momentum against them, forwarding her yanking motion on their limb in a bid to force them closer to the ground. The action, coupled having taken a knee to her chest, does now seem to cause her to need to catch her breath.

Still carrying their forward momentum, Sasha tucks into a roll, popping back up onto their feet. They don't take a moment to regain their bearings, instead springing forward with another powerful kick at the magi while she is catching her breath. Their expression remains relaxed, less of that anxiety in their frame that came with the previous match.

Skia manages to backstep away from the second kick just in time; Sasha's foot barely missing her. Sneering, the magi flicks her wand at Sasha - the gesture itself exaggerated slightly, a sweeping of her left arm to point towards her opponent. If cast correctly, the Wilder would feel a sharp, powerful downwards tug on their tail.

The wand coming out is exactly what Sasha was waiting for, and while Skia is dodging they produce their own wand from their sleeve as if it was a magic trick of its own. Nothing, and then suddenly, a wand! Tada! They pop their hand forward to clash it with Skia's and interrupt her movements for casting.

Sasha's wand meets Skia's, pushing it to the side as the magi attempts to use her magic. The effects of her casting are indeed interrupted and Skia seems to be caught by surprise. Her confusion only lasts a moment before she lets out a bellow and throws a punch with her right hand towards the Wilder's jaw. She additionally loosens the grip she has on her wand, letting it hang by the ring around her finger, to grab at the one her opponent is holding.

"What's that?!" asks one of the announcers. "What does Sasha have up their sleeve?"

"I'm not sure," the other commentator responds. "But whatever it is, it must have been cleared by the judges or else it wouldn't be allowed.

"Is that a /wand/?! Why would Sasha have a wand! Things are getting really interesting, folks -- on-the-edge-of-your-seat interesting!"

If the bellow surprises the Wilder, they make no show of it (though their ears do turn away from Skia momentarily). Sasha pulls slightly to the side, having a dual effect: first, they have perfect access to chomp at Skia's punching arm when the punch does not connect, which is exactly what they do. And second, they lift the wand away from Skia's grasping hand and swing down with the oaken wand with considerable might to strike at her wrist.

Sasha's teeth grab onto Skia's arm, but they don't sink in very far. Certainly some blood is drawn, but as with their claws earlier, they don't seem to penetrate too deep into the magi's flesh. As the felinoid's blow connects to Skia's wrist, the magi pushes up with her arm on her opponent's maw and aims a kick at their knees. Although the force of Sasha's strike on her wrist forces her hand down, Skia manages to continue holding her wand thanks to the loop of metal attached to it.

Sasha is not terribly surprised to find that Skia's skin is resisting the puncture of their teeth, especially given that their claws could not penetrate. But the grip of their teeth on Skia's arm is still quite forceful, and they jerk their head back and forth to try and shake her around and interfere with her attempted kick. After the shaking, they attempt to throw her down to the floor in their particularly bestial display of strength.

Skia grunts as Sasha's teeth continue to sink into her arm. The Alteration magic she used on her skin is as hard as any sustained spell to maintain and maxing it out would likely drain her energy too quickly. Her attempt to push her opponent's head back has failed, but the movement mitigates the effect the felinoid's shaking has. Still, the chaotic motion causes the magi to lose her balance and the Wilder manages to force her to the ground. With her right arm currently occupied, she fumbles with her wand in her left.

Sasha rapidly switches their wand hand and strikes down to clash with Skia's, crossing it with hers and pressing down to try and keep that wand (and by extension, the caster connected to it) pinned.

"Did you see that? Sasha's strength is unbeatable! She just threw Skia to the ground like a ragdoll!"

"I'm more fascinated by the fact that their teeth aren't drawing much blood."

Making a quick decision, Skia slips her pinned wand off her finger, using her left hand to direct a punch at Sasha's face. Of course, this essentially breaks the concentration she had on her resistance spell and she bellows in pain as her opponent's teeth really come down into her right arm.

Sasha takes the punch to their face, head snapping back, but they also flick their wrist to send the unattached wand flying off to the closest edge of the ring. They release Skia's arm after the punch hits them in the face, though because of the force of Skia's punch, there is little care in the way their bite releases. They grab with their free hand at Skia's chest and try and slam her back down against the floor once more.

Skia attempts to use whatever time she has from landing the hit on her opponent to roll to the side out from under Sasha. In doing so, she nearly escapes Sasha's grapple - instead of catching her by the chest, the Wilder instead grabs the magi's shoulder. This still allows Sasha to slam Skia down again, though the magi does attempt to launch a kick at the felinoid's knees again.

"Hf..." the kick does cause Sasha to fall forward as they let out a sound of pain, but this only ends up with them falling onto Skia. They keep hold of her shoulder and then attempt to wrap their other arm around Skia to get her in a better hold.

Although she is unable to focus her casting as well as if she had her wand, Skia still attempts to push Sasha's other arm away from herself using Physics magic. At the same time, the magi tries to free herself from Sasha's grip, writhing about and kicking at whatever her feet can get purchase on.

While Sasha's hand is pushed back by the sudden burst of physics magic, they seem to have seen incoming. How is that possible?! The billowy bands on their sleeves were not only for style, but for function! A light factric inspired by their whiskers, changes in pressure are detected before the actual strike. The felinoid teen lets go and leaps back, clearing an improbably amount of distance with both their powerful legs and the force of Skia's blast, to land right near the silver wand. They swipe their foot at the unattended wand, to try and kick it the rest of the way off stage.

"What! I wish we could see that again! Was that by chance? It looked like Sasha anticipated a magical attack my Skia!"

"Very interesting. They're still fairly new to the stage, but they seem to be adapting very quickly."

As soon as Sasha is off her, Skia rushes to her feet. While the Wilder is preoccupied with removing the wand from the equation, she detaches two leather straps from her outfit, holding one in each hand. She doesn't make a move, instead, again appearing to be waiting for Sasha.

Sasha tilts their head up slightly in acknowledgement to Skia, and then makes a gesture that says, 'come on', more to play up the rivalry for the crowd than because they are particularly underestimating Skia. They drop again to a fighting position, their wand held forward in a fighting position.

Even though it does not seem to have been her first choice, Skia laughs hard - a gesture that indicates she thinks Sasha is a trivial opponent. This, too, is much more for the crowd than anything else. With the time she has apparently been granted, she reaches behind her back and unbuckles a particulary thick piece of leather which soon changes in shape to form a sort of shield. Though thin, it would likely be unwise to underestimate its sturdiness given what the magi pulled off in her previous melee with the Wilder. She bears this object in her left hand, blood now beginning to properly seep from the wound on her right arm as she closes the distance between her and her opponent.

Sasha's stance deepens when they see Skia unfurling the shield, unsure what they are looking at, but they do not seem deterred. They speed towards Skia, claws out as if they are going to slash at her with them, but they do not and pass by. Should Skia raise her shield in defence, they stop on their heel and spin back around to kick at her back, actually holding back some strength in the kick for the sake of her spine.

Skia doesn't so much lift her shield in defense as already have it positioned in front of her. When Sasha begins their fast approach, the magi stops in her tracks, widening her stance. Sasha's attempted feint appears to be unexpected by Skia - however, as she does not need to change her position to meet it, it's easy for her to pivot and shift direction she faces in order to deflect the felinoid's leg from hitting her in the back. Hoping to catch the Wilder off-guard, even if for just a moment, she then bears towards them with the shield.

Sasha's off-balance when Skia comes towards them, but they fall backwards into a roll when they are pushed back, landing on all fours while facing her. Their tail lashes back and forth as they remain in a ready position, waiting for the Magi to come closer.

Skia thrusts herself shield-first into the Wilder while lashing out with the two leather straps in her right hand. She's clearly attempting to strike at the felinoid with her improvised whips.

Instead of dodging the lashes, Sasha gets up to their feet and catches one of the lashes, letting the other slice a gash into their shoulder. "You might be tough, Skia. But I..." They YANK back on strap to pull Skia towards themselves, swinging a haymaker with their other fist at Skia's face. "AM STRONG!"

Skia's reaction to her opponent grabbing one of the straps does not come quick enough to prevent her from being pulled attempts to duck to the side, her forward moment does not allow her enough space to dodge Sasha's punch. The loss of balance the magi faces also prevents her from getting her shield up in time to block it and she ends up taking the punch in the face. The Wilder's strength does not disappoint - it sounds like something cracks as Skia stumbles to the side.

Upon seeing that Skia is stunned, but still likely to recover if they do not act quickly, Sasha moves in a flash. They dash at Skia, hooking their extended arm around her body, yelling out another ridiculous combination of words for their finisher. "UNYIELDING!" They pivot on their foot, swinging their outstretched arm in a wide arc, carrying the magi with the movement. "PRESSURE!" After a full rotation of picking up speed they swing their arm down to throw Skia down into the hard floor, "HURRICANE!" and pounce after her to make a pin.

The magi, one hand tightly holding her face, barely has time to look towards Sasha as her opponent drives an outstretched arm into her torso at a fast pace. As she starts to fall backwards due to the force of the blow, the felinoid's aburpt turn knocks her quickly off her feet. This, followed up by Sasha's second powerful strike slams Skia into stone floor. In her prone position, the Wilder encounters no resistance in their attempt to pin her down.

There's a ten-sound pause, a heavy silence, before the commentators strike up. "And she's out! It looks like Sasha's the winner here, folks!" This is when the spectating crowd decides to roar and cheer. Many of them, along with the other announcer, decry, "UNYEILDING PRESSURE HURRICANE!" For her part, Skia appears to be unconscious.