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xxxxxA Magi, Skia stands at the height of 5"5' with a slim, toned build and her magical proficiencies lie in the Alteration and Offensive types. Considered to be fairly dangerous, a conclusion drawn from her trademark fierce and vicious Vent Fighting style, she has been consigned to wear containment devices when not in the Vents or within her home in the Narrows - though it is unclear whether this is truly for others' protection or just part of her Vent Fighter persona. While her personality might come across as cocky at times, it is clear that she is well aware of her magical capacity. Among the crowds at Vent Fighting events, one might consider her a fan favorite as well as one of the combatants other fans hate the most. To say the least, her reputation as a fighter is well-known, though she hasn't been seen much outside of The Vents since her career began. There are rumors, however, that when she does go out, she has been seen wearing containment wear.


xxxxxSkia was born in Surstable, a village not far from the coast in Ner, while her parents were second-generation immigrants from Pel. Her mother died during childbirth and when she was four years old, her father, Henrik, moved them to Kochelan, hoping for a more secure life that he felt a city promised to provide. The Revitone family tree can be traced back a far bit and numerous Magi Potentates and even some members of the Magi Council were members of its legacy. Fairly powerful, even at a young age, Skia's only teacher was her father, as the two of them maintained the kitchen in Niche that supported their lives, and he was not capable of using Alteration magic. When she was twelve, Henrik fell ill with a strain of Crexan, a particularly nasty disease that primarily effects Magi. Refusing to go to the hospital and swearing that no number of healers were any substitute for proper Magi medicine, his only treatment was imported doses of an outdated Crexan antidote as research into new antidotes had all but stopped at the fall of the Sovereignty and the mutation Henrik suffered from had mutated in the recent past.

xxxxxAs her father's illness worsened, the family was no longer able to maintain their spot at the Niche and soon their only source of income ran dry. As the funds Henrik had saved began to dwindle, Skia daughter took to doing odd jobs around the Narrows and other parts of Mount Virkhallen. When she was fifteen and working as a courier, a Vent Fighting patron was one of her regular customers and asked her if she would be interested in trying out for a spot on the roster. Beating out most of the competition during the trials, Skia's magical talent and determined fighting style made her a prime pick despite her lack of proper schooling. As she was new to the sport and her income was determinant on the number of fights she had, she continued working side-jobs. Skia only truly started rising through the ranks at age sixteen to earn a comfortable enough pay to focus her spare time and attention on her father. Unfortunately, while she managed to slowly provide alternative treatments for her father's disease, the Crexan virus had already worked Henrik over too well. Skia's dad passed away unceremoniously two months before her seventeenth birthday.



Skia Remmington
Gender Female
Birthdate March 24, 126
Birthplace Surstable, Ner
Race Magi
Affiliation Vent Fighters
Primary Magic Type Offensive
Secondary Magic Type Alteration
Occupation Vent Fighter
RP Hooks
Vent Fighter - Skia is a Vent Fighter. To those interested in the sport, her reputation is as a ferocious and persistent fighter who rarely calls it quits until she is fully exhausted.
2019-07-13 Vent Fight - Unyielding Pressure Hurricane
2019-01-21 Vent Fight - Slip Up
2018-09-08 Contender
2018-09-08 Vent Fight - Crushing Atmospheric Thunder