The Vents

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xxxxxHome to the Vent Fighting arena, this cavern has the size of a small stadium and tiered rows are carved out of its dark orange stone. The arena platform itself is indented into the floor, providing decent views for any and all spectators. A moat of water surrounds the circular ring, a definitive out-of-bounds area. It's quite hot in the Vents, as one would expect thanks to the heating system located below the area. The past decades have seen the vent fighting stadium retrofitted with Korian crystals laced with various magical effects in order to better protect the viewers and decrease the risk of actual death occurring during events.
Vent Fighting
xxxxxThe sport of Vent Fighting is not a casual one. While many of the combatants may be friendly with one another, it is a fight with no punches held and real damage with the end goal for the participants to beat the other into submission. Although rare and somewhat discouraged, fatalities have occurred as a result of the matches - whether from one caster taking things a bit too far and killing their opponent or a combatant using too much of their own magical reserves and burning out their own life force. All types of magic are allowed in the arena and the crowd is often pleased when fighters suffer physical injury. Despite not having any magical abilities themselves, Humans have been known to participate - using melee weapons or firearms as a substitute, their higher immunity to magic allowing them to actually put up good fights.
Social Impact
xxxxxMany Magi have seen Vent Fighting as a way to make a living and comprise some of the more well-known names in the sport. Unfortunately, their participation has also reinforced general stereotypes against their race and even further against themselves as individuals; while the other races are able to distinguish the individual from the nature of the fight for Orcs and Elves and the few Humans who participate, the Magi combatants are often seen as dangerous as befitting their supposed nature. This additionally results in other Magi harboring resentment towards the Magi fighters for unintentionally representing their people as 'bloodthirsty' and allegedly undoing the work of others to change the image of the community. Additionally, more Magi than Orcs, Elves, and Humans rely on Vent Fighting as their main source of income while the other races often do it as a side job for a limited period of time.
Friday Night Onslaught
xxxxxThis event takes place from 6:00pm Friday evening to 8:00am Saturday morning and pits multiple Vent Fighters against each other in free-for-alls, team-based rounds, and four-on-one matches. Many Vent Fighters participate in more than one bout during these popular events.
Type Entertainment
Location The Vents
District Lower Tier
Days Open Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Time Sunday - Thursday: 4pm - 10:30pm
Friday 6pm - Saturday 8am
Associated Factions Vent Fighters Guild
Defenses Anti-Magic Wards

Vent Fighters

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